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2010 Marlowe Award for Best Ensemble 
Susan in [title of show] at the Aurora Fox, Gravity Defied, Directed by Benjy Schirm

2009 Ovation Award for BEST ENSEMBLE and Four out of Four Stars
Gladys in Skin of our Teeth at the Aurora Fox, Directed by Bev Newcomb-Madden

2009 Marlowe Award for BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS in a Drama
Mary Warren in the The Crucible at the Arvada Center, Directed by Lee A. Massaro 

2009 Ovation Nomination for BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS in a Drama
Mary Warren in the The Crucible at the Arvada Center, Directed by Lee A. Massaro

2008 Ovation Nomination for BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS in a COMEDY 
Sorel Bliss in HayFever at Miners Alley Playhouse, Directed by Richard Pegg

[title of show]

"Johnson as Susan really impressed me as incredibly sincere......It was a moment of raw, real emotion which is one of the rarest and most beautiful moments an audience member can be treated to at the theatre. That moment alone is worth the price of admission."

-He Said She Said Critiques

"Johnsons high energy makes the role of Susan pop with life....Its personal and universal all at once, a piece of metatheater that breaks down narrative walls and reaffirms a bold artistic mission."

-Adam Goldstien, Aurora Sentinel

"The women are a crackup, Susan (Misha Johnson) with a randy notion here and Heidi (Alaina Beth Reel) with a smokey ballad there, serving up bon bons on the heterosexual side of the equation. Johnson's disarming, self-deprecating humor and Reel's megawatt smile are a perfect balance to the hyperintensity of the script team."

-Bob Bowes, Colorado Drama

"These four very fine young actors do the show more than justice. The cast is exceptionally exuberant and enthusiastically engaging. Rush to see it!"

-David Marlowe


"Johnson brings just the right mix of gravity, street smarts, and vulnerability to Maria, the part-orphaned, perpetual new kid at school."  - Holly

Bartges, Colorado Drama" 

"15-year-old Mikey Griffin, wonderfully portrayed by Sean Mellott. He hates school and is an unhappy camper until he enters the bizarre world of pregnant teen Maria, played by the petite but mighty Misha Johnson. The interaction and conversation between these two is a highlight."     
                                                             - Sonja Ellingboe

"Some of the play's twists are more obvious than topsy-turvy, but the cast and crew make them work. It helps that the lead actors in Curious' staging are seasoned professionals.....its characters is a treasure of a spectacle."
                                                -Ricardo Baca, Denver Post 

"..when Misha Johnson as Maria, allows Mikey to feel her hard stomach, her expression beatific."                                    
-Juliett Wittman, Westword 

A Man for all Seasons

"The all-star roster includes Misha Johnson, Jeffrey Roark, Mark Rubald and, from the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, Chip Persons and Ray Kemble."          

-John Moore, Denver Post                                          

The Skin of our Teeth

 "**** out of 4 stars"

-Kirk Brighton, Denver Post

"The brilliancy of the casting bounces Arp, McBride, Van de Hey, Dicke, Johnson, and every single one of the others in perpetual motion with each other, against each other, always for each other.The Skin of Our Teeth has heart, and soul. This cast and crew nail it to the wall with their heart, soul, and artistic magnificence."

-Holly Bartges, Colorado Backstage 

- Lisa Bornstien, INDENVERtimes

"Misha Johnsons portrayal of Gladys, the Antrobus daughter, combines the petulant rebellion of a typical, American teenage girl with the gritty survivalism of a veteran."

-Adam Goldstien, Aurora Sentinel

"Misha Johnson is funny as spoiled daughter Gladys, and touching in the final act."

-Juliet Wittman, Westword

The Crucible

Scene from Act II

Scene from Act III

"Among the many haunting performances: sixth-grader Ellie Schwartz as Betty Parris, the girl struck "dumb" from seeing witches; Misha Johnson as manipulated teen Mary; and Wendelin Harston as scapegoated servant Tituba."

-John Moore, Denver Post 

"At Abigail's side is Mary Warren (think Nelly Yuki if this is Gossip Girl), the servant who replaced her in the Proctor home and is at first caught up with her power on the jury and then torn between what's right and fear of death. Misha Johnson gives her a tremulous plainness, a simple girl far out of her moral or intellectual depth."    

-Lisa Bornstien, Rocky Mountain News

While We Were Bowling

"We are guided through the story by the daughter, Lydia McLaughlin, wonderfully played by Misha Johnson. She had the hard task of bouncing in and out of the action while she guided us through the story. Oh, and she had to speak Russian in a number of scenes. She took on a lot and did a fabulous job.  I really appreciated the truth she brought to the role. Johnson also flipped back and forth between two different ages, and while the older character was a bit more comfortable for her, she still had enough youthful pep to pull off the memory of her teenaged self." - HE Said SHE Said Critiques

Escanaba in love 

"Big Betty Balou even picks toe jam out from between her dainty foot digits, used a toothbrush to comb her eyebrows or scratched her crotch....As prim and proper as Misha Johnson (Big Betty Balou )was in Noel Coward's "Hay Fever" out at Miner's Alley, she is equally as adorably slovenly here."

-David Marlowe


"Misha Johnson easily claimed many of the most humorous and engaging moments of the production in her portrayal of Big Betty Balou. The role calls for a considerable amount of sheer energy and pure presence (many of the more bodily gags lie with Betty), and Johnson rose to the task admirably. What's more, a flashback scene requiring a sudden flashback and change of character highlighted Johnson's versatility, with her quick jump to a completely different personal"

-Adam Goldstein, The Aurora Sentinel

Hay Fever

**Nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy**

- Denver Post Ovation Award 2008

Sorel is a vixen whose education at her mother's feet has paid off in spades: Men, young and old, are helpless around her. Johnson carries this off with aplomb, whether she's getting the argyle and plus-fours clad Sandy (Derby Thomas) hot and bothered or luring the ambassadorial Richard (Verl Hite) around for her mother.

-Bob Bowes (Denver Post)

"A more scintillating couple are their children Simon and Sorel, played like a perfectly tuned duo by Nathan Bock and Misha Johnson. The two have perfect sibling communication, exemplified as they silently mock their mother during her familiar rants. Bock plays the brooding artist, handsome and petulant, while Johnson is an ideal '20s bohemian, dreaming of a more conservative life but unable to tamp down her playful, dramatic self."

-Lisa Bornstien (Rocky Mountain News)

Sorel, beautifully played by Misha Johnson.....It demands actors who can wrap snugly into outlandish characters with free abandonment. This cast does it. Has it. Gives it.

-Holly Bartges (Colorado Backstage)

The Denver Project:

Denver's homeless play inspiring role                    
 -Rocky Mountain News

Curious explores Denver's version of homelessness                        

-The Denver Post

"Blues riffs and depression-era melodies ("Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?") follow, including stunning vocal work by Candy Brown, Misha Johnson, and Jaime Lujan." 
                                                                   - Bob Bowes

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science:                                

Space Odessey Opening 2003                                             
-Rocky Mountain News

Titanic 2007 Interview  - Museum Magazine

Enactor's Bring Museum to Life  -DMNS
Last Summer at Bluefish Cove:

"Misha Johnson plays Rita, Kitty's young, fastidious secretary and lover. Johnson's Rita hilariously parrots Kitty's pronouncements, punctuating her boss' sanctimonious demeanor with dead-pan earnestness. "

-Colorado Drama

"Paradoxically, while Last Summer at Bluefish Cove became flimsier and flimsier as it went along, its feminist message came through more and more strongly. It wasn't the playwright's insight that accomplished this, but the irrepressible talent -- the sheer woman power -- of the cast. "

-Juliet Wittman, Westword

"All the women in this ensemble-Rhonda Brown, Misha Johnson, Gia Mora, and Lou Ann Wright- do superb jobs of presenting crisp clear characterizations. "

-David Marlowe, Denver Post

Alchemy of Desire:

"The actors are at the top of their game here...."

-BRAD WEISMANN, Colorado Daily Entertainment Editor

"The chorus of women folk, GerRee Hinshaw, Misha Johnson, Jaime Lujan, and Karen Slack, stir this remarkable gumbo of language, movement, and emotion, providing support and commentary for the goings-on. Their Cajun voodoo broom dance puts Macbeth's weird sisters to shame"

-Bob Bowes, Colorado Drama

The Bug Children's Theatre Series:

What I did for Dia de los Muertos                        
  -The Rocky Mountain News

-The Denver Post

The Cherry Orchard:

"The hardest thing to fake is naturalism, and director Symons enables his large cast to accomplish the devilish trick of inhabiting the play while working to the crowd. There isn't a bad performance in the lot, and as the characters move toward their final moments of change and mutual exodus, the actors inside them shed a light of compassionate understanding through them that is palpable. That being said, several standout efforts were made that deserve mention...
..Misha Johnson's eccentric governess Carlotta are detailed and articulate."

-BRAD WEISMANN Colorado Daily

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